Mr E. S. Hepton—Funeral of Hull Marine Surveyor, 1942 August 1, Hull Daily Mail

Ernest Stanley Hepton—FuneralThe funeral took place yesterday of Mr Ernest Stanley Hepton, head of the firm of W. Townhill and Hepton, consulting and marine surveyors, of Hull. Mr Hepton, who was 68 years of age, resided at “Red Gables,” Beverley-road, Anlaby. He was a member of the Wilberforce Masonic Lodge and was well known on the Hull Fish Dock.

His youngest son, Eric, was killed on active service in the Middle East.

The funeral was held at the Tranby-lane cemetery, and the Rev J. B Davies, vicar of Anlaby, officiated. The mourners were: Mrs E. S. Hepton, widow; Commander G. S. Hepton, son and daughter-in-law; Mr and Mrs E. Sawdon, son-in-law and daughter; Lieut. Comdr. M. Hepton, R.N.R., and Mrs Hepton, son and daughter-in-law; Mr and Mrs W. Barkwith, son-in-law and daughter; Master K. Hepton, grandson; Mr and Mrs G. S. Hepton, brother and sister-in-law; Mr and Mrs J. Allon, brother-in-law and sister; Mrs W. S. Hepton, daughter-in-law; Captain and Mrs R. Ford, brother-in-law; Mrs F. Blackith, sister-in-law; Mrs A. Linskill, sister-in-law, Mrs W. Ford, sister-in-law; Mrs C. Beecroft, niece; Mr G. Frazer, Miss E. Ford, niece; Mr and Mrs Wise; Mr Henriksen, of Henriksen and Co., Ltd. Mr G. Cullington, Mr Broad, Mr Robins, Mr Wilson of the Drypool Engineering Co., Ltd., and Mr Waterhouse, of Brigham and Cowan, Ltd. and Brethren of the Wilberforce Masonic Lodge.

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