George Stephenson Hepton O.B.E. 1899–1996

George Stephenson Ford OBE medalGeorge Stephenson Hepton OBE was the son of Ernest Stanley Hepton and Kate Elizabeth Ford. He was born in 1899.

He was the recipient of three medals for his service in both World War One and World War Two. He received the 2nd type Military OBE for his WWI service, and the 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star and 1939-45 War Medal for his service in WWIl. The WWI medals showed that he was 55025 Private GS Hepton. The OBE was recorded in the London Gazette 2 June 1943, which said he was to the recipient as Acting Temporary Commander (E) George Stephenson Hepton RNR.

He had a Certificate of Competency as a First Class Engineer (steamships) that he received in 1925.

In 1939 he was Acting Temporary Lieut. Commander (E).

In 1944 he was Acting Temporary Commander.

He died in 1996, in Beverley.

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