Hull girl married in Canada, 1941 December 6, Hull Daily Mail

Hull girl married in CanadaThe wedding took place at St. John’s Church, Hamilton, Ontario, this week, of Squadron Leader John Bell Voyce, R.A.F., younger son of Mr and Mrs E. Voyce, of Leeds, and Miss Noreen Jean Ford, only daughter of Commander E. Ford, R.D., R.N.R., and Mrs Ford, of Strathmore-avenue, Hull.

The bride was an employee of Messrs Reckitt and Colman, and afterwards worked for the Air Ministry. Her father’s family are well known in Hull for their long connection with the sea, and Commander Ford, whose peacetime employment is with the Ellerman’s Wilson Line, served throughout the last war in the Royal Navy. He was recalled to serve again inthe Navy shortly after the outbreak of war.

The bridegroom is a navigation instructor, and has served with the R.A.F. for six years. Educated at Roundhay School, Leeds, he later played for the Old Roundhegians, and worked for some time in a Leeds insurance office.

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