Notabilities at Hull Trinity House, 1935 September 7, Hull Daily Mail

Notabilites at Hull Trinity HouseTHE WARDENS, BRETHREN AND OFFICERS of the Corporation of the Trinity House of Kingston-Upon-Hull, 1935.—Left to right (back row): Captain Z. C. Pearson, Captain H. Montgomery, Captain R. L. Biggins, Captain S. R. M. Tyrer, Captain C. Barron.

Middle row: Mr P. J. Walkington (warden’s clerk), Captain J.T. Cawthorn, Captain R. Ford, Captain G. E. Wood, Captain R. E. Tether, Captain W. A. Morris, Captain G. Fox, Captain T. Myers, Mr C. C. Wilson (secretary), Front row: Captain F. W. Jones, Sir A. J. Atkinson (hon brother), Captain T. Collins (warden), Captain W. J. Norton (warden), Dr T. C. Jackson (hon. brother), Captain W. Abbott, Captain F. R. Soulsby.Notabilites at Hull Trinity House

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