Everybody’s Worry, 1947 Mar 22, Hull Daily Mail

Everybody's WorryCOUN. Mrs Eva Beecroft was hurrying along the corridor with a batch of papers under her arm.

I thought how long it seemed since she had last been seen in WVS uniform. Occasionally she puts in an appearance at the British Legion or the Women’s Legion or the Women’s Luncheon Club, but for the most part Mrs Beecroft is busy with Corporation committees.

However, she is managing to combine housework and council work most harmoniously. But when I was talking to her she was obviously perturbed about something. No, it was not long committee agendas which were troubling her, she remarked. “I don’t know what to get for tea.”

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  1. Beth (Ford) Meese - January 29, 2014, 4:46 pm Reply

    That’s who I take after then. Not the council work – the tea:(
    Actually I know of at least four descendants close to me who have been active in local council work, Grandpa William Robert Ford for one.

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