Capt. Robert and Mrs Ford, 60th anniversary, 1909 Jul 28, Hull Daily Mail

Robert and Sarah Ford 60th wedding anniversary article

Capt. Robert and Mrs Ford, Who celebrated the 50th anniversary of their wedding on Monday. Captain Ford has had a long career on the high seas, and captained ships for 48 years. Captain and Mrs Ford, who are at present residing at Trinity House, were married at Holy Trinity Church on July 25th, 1849, and they have had twelve children born to them, three of whom are master mariners. In turn they are grandparents to thirty-five children, and have six great-grandchildren.

A correction was published the next day:

Captain and Mrs Robert Ford celebrated on Monday the 60th anniversary of their wedding day, and not the 50th. Captain and Mrs Ford were married at Holy Trinity Church on July 25th, 1849.

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