Another Trawler For Hull, 1896 Feb 28, Hull Daily Mail

Another Trawler For HullLAUNCH LAST EVENING

Last night there was launched from Messrs Cook, Welton, and Gemmel‘s yard a fine trawler, built to the order of Mr Edward Cargill. Amongst those present at the ceremony were Mr Cargill, Mr Hollingworth, Mr C. Walton (Lowestoft). Captain Grimwood, Mr J. McCann, Mr P. Hubbard, Mr Walter Scott (Locking and Scott) Mr Evelyn Cooke, Mr Holloway, Mr Kirby, Mr Mummery, Mr H. Segeant, Mr Mumby, Master Cargill, Master Melones, Mrs Edward Cargill, Mrs Cargill, sen., Miss Cargill, Mrs Grimwood, Mrs Nicholls, Mrs Wilks, Mrs Ford, Mrs W.S. Blackith, Mrs and Miss McInnes, Mrs Ford, sen., and Mrs Kirby.—Mrs EDWARD CARGILL gracefully christened the trawler the British Empire, and she took her baptism amidst the ringing shouts of those on shore and on board. Afterwards the visitors were entertained to light refreshments, and several toasts were entertained to light refreshments, and several toasts were honoured.—Mr GEMMELL gave “The Queen” in a patriotic strain, and Mr HUBBARD followed with “Success to the British Empire,” his observations being endorsed by Mr GEMMELL, who, in the course of a brief speech, said that Mr Cargill had that evening claimed the British Empire. Evidently he was a man of large ideas (laughter).—Mr CARGILL responded to the toast, and in doing so said naturally he hoped the new trawler would be a success. Ever since they commenced to build the British Empire they had experienced fine weather, and he hoped that would prove


(hear, hear). They had a splendid launch, and he believed Messrs Cook, Walton, and Gemmell were second to none in the kingdom for building steam trawlers. He was certain the British Empire would uphold the reputation of the builders (applause).—Mr WALTON proposed “The health of Mrs Cargill and family.” and Mr CARGILL, on behalf of his wife, in responding took the opportunity of giving “The builders.” He complimented them on the character of the work turned out at the yard.—Mr COOK acknowledged the sentiment. He said there were certain advantages his firm gave irrespective of price. They had had an uphill fight, and it was only by doing a good job that they had kept where they were (applause).—Mr GEMMELL submitted “Captain Grimwood,” the subject of the toast responding with characteristic bashfulness and modesty of the British sailor.—”The Fishing Industry” was given by Mr GEMMELL, and in responding Mr HOLLINGWORTH gave a short historical review of the trade in a flow of eloquence which surprised not only himself but his hearers.—One or two songs were sung, Mr Walton and Mrs Hubbard being the chief contributors.

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