Ethel Emily Holmes 1881-

Ethel Emily Holmes signatureEthel Emily Holmes was born in Hull in 1881, the daughter of John Shutwell Holmes and Emily Ford. Aged 20, on 9 November 1901, she married Ernest Chilver, a joiner, at Hull Register Office. They lived at Cecil St, 9 Ash St and then at 13 Arthur St. In November 1902 they moved to the village of Ellerby and had two children, Florence on 2 July 1902, and Ernest on 19 July 1904. Ernest died aged just 6 weeks.

The marriage wasn’t a happy one, with accusations by Emily of violence and adultery. On 13 August 1904, she moved back to her parents’ house and then was detained at the Hull City Asylum until November 1904 when she returned to live with her parents.

In December 1904, Emily took out a Summons for Persistent Cruelty against her husband and he agreed to a separation. They were eventually divorced on 9 June, 1911.

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